Automatic Beam Saw

PAOLONI Explorer Beam Saw
Specifications: PAOLONI Explorer Beam Saw Model 3200P PDF

Model Explorer 3200P Standard Equipment:

  • Saw blade
  • Scoring blade
  • Front telescopic squaring fence with one stop
  • Phenolic coating of machine worktable
  • TRIA 220 (ESA) electronic programmer
  • Electronic programmer-controlled pusher with 6 grippers
  • stores up to 99 cycles containing up to 99 positions each, up      to  a maximum of 200 cut lines  Cuts programmed in absolute or incremental values
  • One front table 2500 x 400 mm + three tables 1200 x 400 mm with air blowers instead of the standard supporting tables
  • Side aligner with programmed cycle, stroke: 1250 mm
  • Pusher depth with magnetic band read-out
  • CE electronic controls