Baileigh Ironworkers

Baileigh has a fantastic lineup of hydraulic ironworkers that consists of five models from 50 tons up to 135 ton models.  Each one of our powered machines has five fully integrated stations that functions using pure vertical motion at each station, thus increasing tooling life and stress on the machine.  Most other hydraulic ironworkers  function using some form of pivot mechanisms decreasing the overall life of the tooling and the machine.  All of our models have a shearing design that leaves no wasted material, common on some of the most popular brands out there.
Our 50 and 62 ton ironworker machines are single station while the 84, 95, and 135 models are dual station machines, meaning two people can work on the machine at the same time without any loss of tonnage in the specific stations being worked on.  Most options are included as standard.  We offer oversized tables with scales at each station, a set of seven punches, all shearing and notching features are integrated into the machine, and finally a heavy duty stop rod system is included for the shearing station.
To complement our quality hydraulic ironworker lineup, we have two manual models.  The first machine takes care of the shearing function and comes integrated with the capability to shear bar, solid round or square, angle iron or mild steel plate.  The second manual ironworker machine is for punching.  This model comes standard with 8 different punches up to 5/8 inch round.  Both manual iron workers can be bench or frame mounted and are a perfect complement to any small fabrication shop
Baileigh hydraulic or manual ironworkers are typically in stock for shipments within 72 hours.  Our machines offer years for production at a great value. Please give us a call today.