Baileigh Tube and Pipe Rollers

Tube and Pipe Rollers

The tube and pipe roller or roll bender machines consists of manual or electronic driven single pinch ring roller machines (noting some have a hydraulic top roll with DRO) and hydraulic driven double pinch models with two hydraulic bottom rolls. We have a very diverse line of angle roll bender machines to bend tube, pipe, angle iron, solids, squares, and much more.
The manual roll bender machines consists of two manually driven ring roll benders for bending up to 1-1/4” tubing. These are great tube roller machines for the hobbyist or metal artist. We also have several ring roller machines that are electronically driven with variable speed inverter drives. These ring roller machines have greater capacities and are easier to operate with two driven bottom rolls. These powered tube roller machines can bend vertically or horizontally for larger section angle bends. All versions in this category have manually adjusted top rolls and are considered single pinch style machines.