Baileigh Tube and Pipe Draw Bending

Rotary Draw Benders
Baileigh has an extensive tube and pipe bender/rotary draw bender line from manual to hydraulic or electronically driven machines. Our tubing bender machines are perfect for round, square, angles, flat bar and much more. Baileigh’s tube bending machines are top of the line quality.
The manual tubing benders consists of several real beefy machines that can bend up to 2” round or 1” square. The rotary draw bender RDB-100 uses the same tooling as all of our
larger machines, so if you don’t have the budget for a larger hydraulic or programmable tube bender machine you can upgrade at a minimal cost. A large degree dial on the RDB-100 manual tube bender allows the operator to produce perfect repeatable bends every time. Don’t pass up a Baileigh Industrial manual tube bender.
The hydraulic tubing benders consists of five bending machines that either use 110V or220V, single phase to produce perfect bends up to 3” schedule 40 pipe.
Large degree dials are on some of the smaller tubing benders, but there are also models that allow for programmable bending as well. Several of these models come with foot pedal controls which is nice because you have your hands free to manipulate the material if need be. We offer top quality hydraulic tubing benders.
The American made, computer programmable controlled tubing bender line consists of five models that are all a great value. Much of this equipment can be programmed to bend left or right (with the proper tooling of course), as well as can bend up to 360 degrees with a universal bend plate. Thus, these models can work with many types of square, rounds and rectangles, in varying thicknesses. There are operator control panels that can hold up to 177 programs as well as touch screen versions that can hold up to 140 programs. We offer versions that can handle up to a 24” CLR (center line radius) and up to 2-1/2” Schedule 40 pipe. These tube bending machines are made of solid steel construction with heavy duty gear box transmissions that are coupled to industrial grade motors.
The mandrel bender line consists of machinery that uses heavy duty hydraulics coupled to a simple servo drive system. These NC (numerically controlled) mandrel benders are perfect for exhaust, headers, air intakes, turbos, and hand railing applications. The mandrel bender machines come standard with easy touch screen controls.
The EB-300 exhaust bender is a powerful bending machine that comes with standard radius tooling from 1-1/2” up to 3” OD.  This exhaust bender machine can be considered a compression exhaust pipe bender as it uses one large hydraulic ram to push the inside radius die into the compression assisted outside counter dies.  The end result is that the EB-300 bending machine can bend light gauge tubing without folding the material in half.