Baileigh Brakes

Press Brakes – Manual and Hydraulic

Baileigh offers an extensive line of manual and hydraulic press brakes to fit most applications by a small, medium or large fabrication house. For those small one off applications we offer a quality built manual press brake and shear. This one unit does it all and can be bench mounted, perfect for sheet metal shops. 

We have an extensive line of vertical hydraulic press brakes that come in an array of sizes and tonnages. We offer NC (numerical controlled) or CNC (computer numerical controlled) versions that have encoder positioning devices for perfect position of the top beam. CNC models come standard with Delem controls allowing for up to 100 programs with up to 20 different bends per program. The controller offers multiple positions of the servo back gauge and multiple bend angles per program. All models come standard with a 6 light safety curtain and standard production tooling. Models over 60 tons have hydraulic crowning features built in. These series of machines offer fantastic quality and finish for a great value to the end user. 

Our final series is our horizontal brake press line or otherwise known as horizontal bending press machine. These machines are a perfect compliment for any fabrication shop that is press bending sheet metal or heavier mild steel. The advantage of this machine over the traditional vertical machine is that narrower and longer pieces that are hard to bend true can now lay flat on the bending table and be perfectly square with ease. Set up time is seconds and for smaller pieces you’re not holding up the larger machine, thus making the fabrication shop much more efficient.