Horizontal Belt Sanders

Belt Grinder – BG-379 & BG-679

The abrasive belt grinders BG-379 and 679 have useful widths of 3 inches and 6 inches respectively, and are perfect for grinding castings clean, or any metal surface that needs burrs removed. These grinding machines use a powerful 4 hp motor that turns the abrasive belt. Like other Baileigh abrasive belt grinders, these requires 220 volts of single phase power, so it can work in any fabrication shop, machine shop, or foundry setting
Specifications: BG-379


Belt Size  3” X 78.75”

Contact Wheel 3” X 7.87”

Belt Speed (feet/minute) 6691 fpm

Dust Collection Yes

Maim motor 4 hp

Main motor 220 V / 1 PH

Dust collector motor 220 V/ 1 PH

Shipping Dim. 46”L X 23”W X 23”H

Shipping Weight 231 lbs

Specifications: BG-679


Belt Size  6” X 78.75”

Contact Wheel 6” X 9.84”

Belt Speed (feet/minute) 3937 fpm

Dust Collection Yes

Motor 4 hp

Main motor 220 V/ 1 PH

Dust Collector motor 220 V / 1 PH

Shipping Dim. 46”L X 23”W X 26”H

Shipping Weight 273 lbs