Baileigh’s foot shear line consists of two models that have a capacity of 52” wide sheet metal with a cutting capacity of 16 gauge mild steel. Each stomp shear comes standard with a machined table, infeed and outfeed product supports, and side guides. Both models come standard with high carbon chromium blades and have multiple cutting surfaces so the blades can be turned for longer useful life.
The main difference between both stomp shear models is the construction. The SF-5216 is the heavy duty model that has been constructed completely from machined plate steel. The SF-5216E is more of an economical model that uses heavy castings. Both models are fine for most applications, but the SF-5216 has been designed with more attention to detail while the SF-5216E was designed to be economically priced.
The standard-duty sheet metal shears consists of nine different models ranging in widths from 52” up to 120” with cutting capacities from 14-gauge mild steel.  Each model comes standard with a powerful industrial grade hydraulic system, front supports, back supports and a mechanical back gauge. These hydraulic shears come standard with carbon chromium blades with four cutting surfaces on the bottom and two on the top before having the blades re-sharpened.
The heavy-duty hydraulic shear line has six different models with widths from 52” up to 120”, and a maximum thickness up to ¼” mild steel.  All models come standard with heavy duty-frame construction that consists of thick plate steel that is bolted then electro welded into perfect alignment for the most grueling operations schedule within the machines capacities.  The upper shearing carriage runs along heavy duty ground and hardened ways while running further under pressure against hardened rollers on the back and sides of the carriage slides, noting that the front is trapped against the heavy duty ground and hardened ways.  Thus, a three point system is in place to ensure perfect alignment which extends blade life and improves cut quality.  These hydraulic shears come standard with rake adjustments to reduce curling, front and back supports with manual back gauges, cycle counters, jog controls, position indicator lights and easy to use control stations with foot pedal controls.